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A big part of our missions often include help and support to organizations who need independent help in questions regarding strategic decisions of different kinds. We are your sounding board and support in your growth journey.


Through many years of experience we have developed simple methods to deliver quality secure integrations with API and automized script.


Several of our customers work with online retailing. A e-commerce platform needs different strategic decisions to become profitable. We will through analysis and workshops help you get the right base to make the best possible decisions.


When we are working on a project we always have a security perspective. We constantly take decisions to ensure and minimize risks while carrying out our misson.


Our missions always include security as a basic piece of the puzzle. Security is the most important part of our analyzes that we conduct on behalf of our customers.

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Security analysis

What demands are put on a project to deliver the right security level? There are many parts to consider, the NIS-law, GDPR and more.

Needs Assessment

Through cooperation with you as a client we gather the right skills within the organization and conduct one or more workshops to get the prioritized demands.

Quality assurance

It is important that all demands and expectations are met for a project. Which is why we always make a clear functions list and check list before the project starts. With that there will never be any problems with doing a good handoff of missions.

Action plan

Other companies call this project plan, but we belive more in action and what that means. Clear sub-goals, reconciliation meetings and common priorities in the mission.

Our Services

Many of the services we provide come from a cluster of different specialists within different areas. As a first step in our mission we conduct a basic analysis and match the mission to the right specialist or to the right composition of specialists.

Process Mapping

One of the hardest things for organizations to develop. We support your work with developing processes that work and that are realistic. Processes are the foundation to all streamlining and profitability.

Project Planning

We drive the mission forward with a clear transparent action plan that everyone involved has access to. As the client you have full control over how the project manages time and budget.

System Development

Are you in need to develop a new system or develop a part of an existing system? In our cluster of skilled developers we are able to find the right skills that match all different kinds of needs.

Board Work

More and more organizations are realizing how important it is to constantly work on improiving. The need for effective and data driven processes, automation and smart integrations are a must today for corporations to become profitable and effective.


Let us take care of your website. Everything from development of design to choice of publication tools. We adapt everything after your needs and requirements.


We support your journey towards a system or service that is the best fit for your company and gives you the best possible paths to a successful e-commerce platform. With our support you get a platform that provides you with quick growth.

Logo Design

Together with you we develop a logo and graphic profile that is customed to your business. When you have the right design components you can signal the right values and get a clear recognition and understanding of your brand.

Graphics Design

We help you with everything from ideas and concept development to work with image management, editorial design, layout, visual identity, packaging design, typography or design of websites or physical locations.


Thanks to our network and cluster of skilled specialists within various areas and branches we have references from the pharmaceutical industry, security industry, groups, restaurants, contract and e-commerce plus a lot more.

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